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When should I choose my Celebrant? 

Once you have decided on a date and a venue you should find a Celebrant ASAP to ensure your chosen Celebrant is available on your dream date.  


Not only that, but it is your Celebrant’s role to guide you through the relevant legal documentation and file that paperwork with the authorities well in advance of your ceremony date so everything goes without a hitch – so to speak!  


In order to secure your perfect ceremony date, get the ball rolling on the documentation (as well as Order Of Service draft, and general event planning) a non-refundable deposit is payable so we can all get to work!  


How should I choose my Celebrant? 

Look for the sort of person who has the qualities that attract you in friendship. You should feel a sense of trust; that you are being heard.  


Your Celebrant is responsible for guiding you through one of the greatest moments of commitment you will make. They should do so with grace, sensitivity and humour, and leave you feeling assured, confident and comfortable. This is the Celebrant who will give you the ceremony that will leave you with happy memories.  


A price will not answer this question for you. When you meet your prospective Celebrant, you will just know that they are the perfect person to take care of things for you.  


Do you have to be an Australian citizen to marry in Australia? 

No. Any couple can marry in Australia providing both parties over the age of 18 and not already legally married.  


If either of you are aged between 16 and 18 years you are required to obtain your parent or legal guardian’s consent on the required form, as well as a court order under Section 12 of the Marriage Act.  


Is a wedding rehearsal necessary? 

A wedding rehearsal is a terrific opportunity to practice the event timing so that everything runs smoothly on the day (think songs, walking, formation of bridal party etc.) It’s also the perfect chance for key people in your lives to meet each other (including your Celebrant and photographer) so there is no awkwardness on the day. Most importantly your photos will look so much better. 


Even with a casual run-through, everyone knows where they need to be, what they need to be doing and when. In that way, a rehearsal can help to settle the nerves on the day of the wedding.  


A wedding rehearsal needn’t be at the venue with the full bridal party. It can be just as valuable to conduct a small rehearsal at home with the main players.  


On an official note, there is a document that needs to be signed close to, but normally not on the day of, the wedding. The rehearsal is the perfect opportunity to do this paperwork. 


Ultimately, the decision is yours. 

How much notice needs to be given before marrying? 

Official legal documentation must be lodged with the Registrar at least one month prior to your planned nuptials.  


In exceptional circumstances the Registrar may provide approval for a reduced notice period.   


Can we get married anywhere in Australia? 

Yes. An authorised marriage Celebrant is permitted to perform a wedding ceremony anywhere in Australia, local and cultural laws notwithstanding.  


Can we re-marry in Australia after being married in another country? 

No. You cannot legally marry twice. However, many couples choose to follow up a previous wedding ceremony with a Renewal of Vows Ceremony or a Commitment Ceremony. 


Can two people of the same sex marry? 

Yes! Finally! As a long time advocate for marriage equality, I am delighted that Australia at last made a positive decision with same sex marriage.  


What will you wear if we choose you as our Celebrant? 

Choosing an outfit to suit your event colour palette is one of my favourite parts of the job!  


Whether your event style is formal, casual or something in between, my sartorial aim on the day is to fit in with your wedding, without being a distraction. More like a guest who got an inside tip on your preference.  

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