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To Love Is Not To Possess

              by James Kavanagh.  


To love is not to possess,  

To own or imprison,  

Nor to lose one's self in another.  

Love is to join and separate, 

To walk alone and together,  

To find a laughing freedom  

That lonely isolation does not permit.  

It is finally to be able  

To be who we really are  

No longer clinging in childish dependency  

Nor docilely living separate lives in silence,  

It is to be perfectly one's self  

And perfectly joined in permanent commitment  

To another--and to one's inner self.  

Love only endures when it moves like waves,  

Receding and returning gently or passionately,  

Or moving lovingly like the tide In the moon's own predictable harmony,  

Because finally, despite a child's scars  

Or an adult's deepest wounds,  

They are openly free to be  

Who they really are--and always secretly were,  

In the very core of their being  

Where true and lasting love can alone abide. 

For Marriage

              by John O’Donohue. 


As spring unfolds the dream of the earth,  

May you bring each other’s hearts to birth.  

As the ocean finds calm in view of land,  

May you love the gaze of each other’s mind.  

As the wind arises free and wild,  

May nothing negative control your lives.  

As kindly as moonlight might search the dark,  

So gentle may you be when light grows scarce.  

As surprised as the silence that music opens,  

May your words for each other be touched with reverence.  

As warmly as the air draws in the light,  

May you welcome each other’s every gift.  

As elegant as dream absorbing the night,  

May sleep find you clear of anger and hurt.  

As twilight harvests all the day’s colour,  

May love bring you home to each other.  

Oh The Places You'll Go!

                               By Dr Seuss

Congratulations! Today is your day.

You're off to great places!

You're off and away!

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose.

You're on your own.

And you know what you know
And YOU are the couple who'll decide where to go

Today is your day

Your mountain is waiting,

so...get on your way!

The Art of Marriage

               By Wilferd A. Peterson

Happiness in marriage is not something that just happens.
A good marriage must be created.

In the art of marriage the little things are the big things…

It is never being too old to hold hands.

It is remembering to say “I love you” at least once a day.

It is never going to sleep angry.

It is at no time taking the other for granted;
The courtship should not end with the honeymoon,
it should continue through all the years.

It is having a mutual sense of values and common objectives.
It is standing together facing the world.

It is forming a circle of love that gathers in the whole family.

It is doing things for each other, not in the attitude
of duty or sacrifice, but in the spirit of joy.

It is speaking words of appreciation
and demonstrating gratitude in thoughtful ways.

It is not looking for perfection in each other.
It is cultivating flexibility, patience,
understanding and a sense of humor.

It is having the capacity to forgive and forget.

It is giving each other an atmosphere in which each can grow.

It is finding room for the things of the spirit.
It is a common search for the good and the beautiful.

It is establishing a relationship in which the independence is equal,
dependence is mutual and the obligation is reciprocal.

It is not only marrying the right partner, it is being the right partner.

It is discovering what marriage can be, at its best.

sand ceremony A&J.jpg

Wedding Blessing

May joy and peace surround you both,
Contentment latch your door,
And happiness be with you now,
And love be cherished evermore


Wedding Blessing

May your joy be as bright as the morning

Your years of happiness as numerous as the stars in the sky's

May your paths be protected by our family above

May your love be a home that you both can always come to

                     -Rebecca Slavin

I’ll Be There For You – Louise Cuddon


I'll be there my darling, through thick and through thin

When your mind's in a mess and your head's in a spin

When your plane's been delayed, and you've missed the last train.

When life is just threatening to drive you insane

When your thrilling whodunit has lost its last page

When somebody tells you, you're looking your age

When your coffee's too cool, and your wine is too warm

When the forecast said "Fine", but you're out in a storm

When your quick break hotel, turns into a slum

And your holiday photos show only your thumb

When you park for five minutes in a resident's bay

And return to discover you've been towed away

When the jeans that you bought in hope or in haste

Just stick on your hips and don't reach round your waist

When the food you most like brings you out in red rashes

When as soon as you boot up the bloody thing crashes

So my darling, my sweetheart, my dear...

When you break a rule, when you act the fool

When you've got the flu, when you're in a stew

When you're last in the queue, don't feel blue

'cause I'm telling you, I'll be there

Marriage is about giving and taking
And forging and forsaking
Kissing and loving and pushing and shoving
Caring and sharing and screaming and swearing

About being together whatever the weather
About being driven to the end of your tether
About sweetness and kindness
And wisdom and blindness

It's about being strong when you're feeling quite weak
It's about saying nothing when you're dying to speak
It's about being wrong when you know you are right

It's about giving in, before there's a fight
It's about you two living as cheaply as one
(you can give us a call if you know how that's done!)

Never heeding advice that was always well meant
Never counting the cost until it's all spent
And for you two today it's about to begin
And for all that the two of you had to put in
Some days filled with joy, and some days with sadness
Too late you'll discover that marriage is madness.

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